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Recycling information and tips:

CalRecycle Website A-Z Index: This website list items in alphabetical orders:

California Recycling Programs and information:

Ready Set Recycle provides recycling information and tips for their residents in Northern California

Bay area:

US EPA Recycling basics provides information and resources for larger size items:

Recycle broken electronic clock:

Find out information how to recycle in UK

Fabric Recycle tips: Besides making rags, floor rugs
Wrap the cloth hanger to support the shoulder area of shirts or blouses.

The Busch system provides recycling bins and supplies:


How to re-use and recycle Baking Soda:

Baking soda and baking powder are water soluble and non-toxic baking ingredients,

Please check out the amazing uses for baking soda:

To learn the difference between baking soda and baking powder in cooking;

How to dispose household cleaning products safely, check the website below: has excellent info regarding how to reuse and handle chemicals such as silica gel :

Apartment and Condo residents recycling guide: Ms. Edward and her students are motivated in their campaign “Go Green” workshop in improving our environment by recycling. One of her young student Cora found a wonderful recycling guide for apartment and condo residents suggested to sharing it with our readers:



Candle or wax recycling:

Broken Ceramics –

A Girl Scout troop and her troop leader send me this recycling link for electronics and household


Composting 101 for food waste:

The has a detailed description of the history and about how our waste products are handled:

One of our young reader Jeremy and his mentor is sharing this recycling guide:


Lions club recycle used prescription eyeglasses, please see recycling instructions listed in website




Recycle Christmas Trees


Reuse Dryer Sheets (Fabric softener): I found one way to reuse the Bounce fabric softener by Placing a

 used Bounce fabric softener to cover over the shower drain which can prevent the hair falling down

the drainage, it can also wipe of the soap residue later.


Beth Terry; the author of plastic free life offer tips in her website:

Kathryn Kellogg, the founder of “Going Zero Waste” offers steps and tips to reduce waste and

improve our environment.

The CD Recycling Center
Ability First - L.L. Frank Work Center
3812 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90037

Recycle pens:

Please check out the answers on How to recycle old pens:;_ylt=A86.J3bIGZVWWwoAXnQnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?qid=20080422122206AAx9BK7 


This is one of the best way to recycle by sending  the old pens back to manufacturers : 


Ideas to recycle unwanted soap:


Recycle shoes:

Recycle Styrofoam material –

light bulbs:


Recycle rubber bands:

Environmental friendly Recycling


1 Gather the rubber products you have for recycling. Most people will have used rubber tires available

 for recycle. Most recycling centers take intact and shredded rubber tires.

2-Find the nearest recycling center. Most townships don't pick up rubber left at the curb for recycling.

You'll have to transport the rubber yourself to the nearest recycling center.

 3-Recycle your rubber by trading it through a business-to-business exchange. Organizations will

advertise their need for rubber products online. You contact them and they'll arrange pick up and

transport. Find ads on the site (see Resources below)

4 -Contact a business that manufactures rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is put down to make

playgrounds and other areas softer and safer for kids. Contact these businesses to find out where

you can recycle your rubber products. Get in touch with Rubber Recycle for more information on

how you can help (see Resources below).

Plastic Recycling - USA
Hazardous Waste Disposal
Neoprene Rubber Sheet
Playground Surfaces

Indoor, Outdoor, Wet or Dry
Playground Safety Surfacing

Read more :

plastic cable ties in garden : Click here to view the video

Toothbrush- good for cleaning; check out the eHow instructions:

eHow-Reuse  toothpaste tube

Can you recycle your used toothbrush?

Here is information about how to recycle old toothbrush and updated trend about recycling tips:

How to recycle toothpaste tubes:

Dispose of unwanted pills properly:

Recycle/Dispose medicine bottles

Recycle vegetable ties (twist ties):

Reduce plastic straws and alternatives:

Water conservation and sustainability tips:


Wax usage-Rub a small piece of wax onto the surface of keys will make it easier to open the lock.


Recycle empty thread cones or spools



Color coded Plastic Recycling and Multi-compartment Receptacles:
Recycling patent available for sale: I’m the owner for Recycling US Patent # 5885002 and am looking

for a manufacturer to launch the product.  The recycling system includes a multi-compartment

waste receptacles and color coded transparent plastic collection bags.  The color code applies the

electronic resistor color code that  matches the plastic industry code.  The combination will improve

recycling efficiency especially the non-degradable plastic materials.

For more details: Click here

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