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Enrich and Inspire life


There are many kind people around us, we like to spread the kind acts that warm people's heart. I found these websites that provide touching and inspiring stories:

Stories of kindness:


World’s most inspirational people who overcame their disabilities and hardship and achieved extraordinary accomplishments:

Share your letter of peace: 


The 100 Greatest heros who inspired and changed the world:


9 famous people achieved their success: read about their dedication, persistence and inspiring stories:!


The Biography online provides a list of famous inspirational people who had major achievements in improving human lives in our history:


Dalai Lama – the official website offers the Tibetan Buddist spiritual leader’s peace messages

Desmond Tutu-South African Angelican church Archbishop and social rights activist


 Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani student and education activist who began speaking out for girls’ education at the age of 11. After surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban at 15, she co-founded Malala Fund with her father Ziauddin. She is the youngest ever Nobel Laureate. Malala currently lives in the U.K. with her family.



A Heritage of Love



Listen and learn aspiring true stories:

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