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Animal Cruelty is an issue involved in many daily consumer products especially in skincare that many of us are still not aware of; Our reader Sarah is suggesting a well research informational website and a comprehensive resources for people concerned on the subject.

For pet’s Healthcare:

Pet care and resources:


Pet Disaster Safety Tips and Safety Care for Pet Owners: Jackie Shelton; the author who published a pet owner disaster safety guide diving into general preparedness tips, how to plan/pack for disasters, tips for taking shelter at home, evacuation safety, and pet safety considerations after a disaster. Please check it out here:

One of the young reader Addison found a great resource on pet proofing, it's a wonderful suggestion and sharing this resource :

Pet loss: Helping people coping with the loss of a beloved family pet.

Pet safety guides and tips from our local well known Realtor Mr.Greg Geilman and his team accumulated years of knowledge and experiences and provided valuable guides in safe proofing your home for pet safety, please scroll down to read the detailed tips:


Pet Poison Helpline:

(800) 213-6680

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information provided in this website is for supporting information only. Inclusion in the webpage database does not represent an endorsement of any kind by the sponsoring organizations. Some of the information provided has not been verified or updated.

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