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Food Safety Resources:

Check out recalls, food poison and contamination and properly handling food safety issues

USDA has excellent food safety educational services and resources:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) also has information regarding disease signs and

symptoms for foodborne illness and outbreaks:

CDPH – The California Department of Public Health has a Food Safety Program:

The mission of the program is to protect and improve the health of consumers by assuring foods are safe,

and are not adulterated, misbranded, or falsely advertised. We accomplish this through sound investigations

and enforcement based upon scientific principles and specific legal authority.

Keep Food Safe tips and information:

 Please check the US Food and Drug Administration safety alerts, recalls, withdrawals :

 Please check for other alerts for imported food, medication or medical devices by typing in the key word in

 the FDA website search field to look for more information. 

Here is a sample of import alert for food contamination:


Microwave Oven safety tips from USDA:

Warning: It’s important to understand the microwave instructions and do not put metal objects in the microwave

oven; it would create sparks and cause fire. Please read the microwave safety


  • Cold storage containers: margarine tubs, cottage cheese and yogurt cartons, etc. These materials are not

  • approved for cooking and chemicals can migrate into food.

  • Brown paper bags and newspapers.

  • Metal pans.

  • Foam-insulated cups, bowls, plates or trays.

  • China with metallic paint or trim.

  • Chinese "take-out" containers with metal handles.

  • Metal "twist ties" on package wrapping.

  • Food completely wrapped in aluminum foil.

  • Food cooked in any container or packaging that has warped or melted during heating.

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